Milestone billing
for freelancers and agencies

Get paid during your project with
single, milestone, or work-per-hour payments.

Benefits of milestone billing

How do our users benefit from milestone billing?

Improve your cash flow

Don't wait till the end of the project for your money. Keep your cash flow on track with receiving payments more often.

Avoid scope issues

Milestones help both you and your clients to work with smaller goals. Take out the discussion about 'the definition of done'.

Skip payment disputes

Milestone payments reduce the risk of non-payment. Get paid for the work done, even up-front and automated with Stripe.

You set your own project structure

Not all projects fit in the same structure. So you can decide on requesting deposits and defining the milestones for your project. Oh, and feel free to create one-time invoices as well.


Share milestones with your clients

Your clients have access to their own project pages. Making the milestones visible will streamline your project. Clients can approve and pay your milestones with ease.


Customize your own invoices

Use one of our invoice templates or design your own with our easy invoice builder.
And as an EU-company, we fully support all VAT, GST, or other tax rates.


Automate your milestone projects

Once your customer approves a milestone, your client can automatically be charged and the next milestone will be activated. The Stripe integration will update all payment statuses.



Built for individuals to easily manage their billing
per active client per month
  • Single payments
  • Milestone payments
  • Work-per-hour payments
  • Deposits
  • Client pages
  • Stripe integration
  • Milestone approvals
  • Invoice templates


Powerful tools for teams to manage all of their billing
per active client per month
  • Everything in Freelancer +
  • Unlimited team members
  • Role permissions
  • White-label client pages
  • Customize invoices

Stripe will charge payment fees: only $5 cap for wire transfers or 2.9%+30ยข for credit card payments

Start billing your clients with milestones

Give yourself and your customer ease.